Connie McGhee – Thirty plus years’ experience in accounting and tax advising

Cindy Hoeg – Twenty plus years’ with accounting and tax advising

Cecilia Diaz – Fifteen years’ experience with major tax firms as senior tax advisor, bilingual. MBA, CAA

Linsey Xue – Thirty-two years’ in accounting, especially in multinational companies, worked in senior management position for years; and nine years’ of experience in US and international taxation. CPA, IRS Enrolled Agent, CMA, CCA

Belinda Harzmann – Twenty-eight years’ experience with Big 4 accounting firm, multinational corporations, nine years’ in tax services, and knowledgeable in international taxation. MBA, CPA, CMA

Danna Hao – Eighteen years’ experience in international accounting and financial analysis. Four years’ in tax advising, knowledgeable in international taxation. Master in Accounting, IRS Enrolled Agent

Hui Zhao – Four years’ experience tax preparer, knowledgeable in international taxation. PhD in mathematics

Philip Liang – Tax advisor, seven years’ experience. Master degree in management (Northwestern University)

Jim Roesslein – Semi-retired tax advisor, forty plus years’ experience in accounting and tax services. IRS Enrolled Agent